tiistai 7. elokuuta 2012

Marilyn Zombroe

The girl in these pictures is Rita. The pictures are taken on Halloween last year as she dressed as Marilyn Monroe as a zombie. Originally I had the idea of her dressing up as Marilyn and me dressing up as Audrey Hepburn, but eventually I backed out for the lack of inspiration. She never did. 

She's just like that. Every year she gets super stoked on Halloween and does the effort all the way. Last year I did a perfectly accurate Marilyn make up on her just so she could "ruin" it with all the scars and such. As "Marilyn Zombroe" (as I liked to call her) she really put so much work into it all the way from sewing together an accurate classic Marilyn dress to planning her zombie make up. She even bleached her bright red hair to the point where parts of it fell off! As I am writing this it's only the end of summer and she is already planning the Halloween costume for this year even though it's three months due. She has even gotten me stoked on it and I can't wait to make myself some kind of a freaky monster (but a pretty one).

These pictures are actually taken a week before the "real" Halloween, since we live in Finland and for some ridiculous reason we celebrate it a week earlier than the rest of the world if we celebrate it at all. She got so excited of succeeding in her costume that she decided to perfect it for the real Halloween date. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of that, but if you think these pictures are cool, you should've seen what she looked like in the end! She had the perfect white dress she had made herself and she bleached her hair way too many times towards Halloween (hence the hair falling out, still hasn't grown back).

The reason you're reading this post is, that for a while now she has talked about starting a blog for all this masquarade stuff of hers but always being too busy to actually put one together or being too scared to start one. Well fuck that, I made one for her because she is so talented and I really truly think that now that I've created a blog for her, she might even pop in and do a post or two a month. I think that would be a pretty nice phase for a busy woman, wouldn't you? After all I really do think it's more about the quality than the quantity.

To sum up: She's super talented with this stuff, way more talented with writing than what she gives herself credit for and has a kick-ass personality that I think she should embrace. If she's too lazy to do it, I'm going to kick her ass and make her do it. I really wish she is going to release this blog on Halloween 2012 (because what would be a better birthday for a blog of hers than that) but I might have to sway her into doing that as well. Or she might get really stoked about it too and find it hard to wait until that. You never know when it's her you're talking about, but that's exactly why she is so kick-ass and why it never gets boring.

- Joanna

ps. BEHOLD!! I do have picture of the finished Marilyn Zombroe -look from the actual Halloween 2011!! It was so brilliant when people (men) watched her (very attracted to her) from her "clean side" and then she turned around and was a zombie! It spooked the hell out of people, ha! She has extra teeth and all!